Bobby Lee wife Khalyla Kuhn

Khalyla Kuhn

Khalyla Kuhn is the lovely wife of comedian, actor and writer, Bobby Lee.

Khalyla’s entertainer husband is best known for appearing on MADtv. Lee also performs regularly at the legendary Comedy Store in California.
For more info about the couple including their careers, personal details, their net worth and achievements, keep on reading.

Bobby Lee wife Bobby Lee net worth

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Robert Lee, best known as Bobby Lee, is happily married to social media personality, Khalyla Kuhn.
The two are not only married but are also the duo behind the podcast, TigerBelly -which they started back in 2016. Their podcast has over half a million subscribers and over 95 million views on YouTube. Safe to say Bobby Lee wife and Bobby Lee net worth go hand in hand.

Khalyla Kuhn,Bobby Lee wife,Bobby Lee net worth

Lee who has had his share of struggles; has gone from drug and alcohol abuse to having a sucessful podcast. Bobby Lee net worth goes to show, the 49-year-old is surely enjoying his best life.

Khalyla Kuhn bio

Khalyla Kuhn was born October 31, 1984 in Cebu, Philippines. Her mother is Marites Kuhn and she has a sister named, Julianna.

Prior to her current endeavors, Bobby Lee wife, Khalyla Kuhn was a biochemistry major in college. She worked as a tutor for students studying anatomy, physiology, and microbiology.
Khalyla Kuhn currently regarded and best known as an Instagram star. She keeps busy documenting moments from her everyday and professional life via her Instagram feed. Her khalamityk account has 225k followers.

Khalyla Kuhn personal life

Khalyla Kuhn is said to have trained as a nurse but ditch nursing to become a media personality.
The brunette stunner is the daughter of a Filipino mom and an Egyptian father.

Khalyla Kuhn,Bobby Lee wife,Bobby Lee net worth

Without giving away too many details, Khalyla Kuhn has said in the past that she did not have a happy childhood, saying that she had to take care of herself since she was 17.

Khalyla Kuhn age, height and weight

Khalyla Kuhn is currently 36-years-old and will turn 37, later this year. She stands at 5 ft 6 and has a weight of approximately 56 Kg or 123 pounds.

Where does Khalyla Kuhn live?

Khalyla Kuhn and her husband are currently based in Los Angeles, California. They share their home with two dogs, Momoa and Bonet.
She often posts on social media about the couple’s daily endeavors.

Khalyla Kuhn career

Khalyla Kuhn became mostly known as the wife of Bobby Lee. That said she has become not only his partner in life but also in business.

Khalyla Kuhn,Bobby Lee wife,Bobby Lee net worth

In her younger years, she worked as a waitress at bars and while in college she became a tutor. Her career as a near-Olympic swimmer, lead to her college scholarship and a brief career as a nurse.

Since becoming involved with Lee, the two began a YouTube channel which they later turned into a podcast.

Some of their most popular videos include “Hila and Ethan Klein of H3 | TigerBelly 145”, with over 700,000 views, then “Chris D’Elia & Toki the Dumdum | TigerBelly 80”, which has more than 600,000 views, and “Tom Segura Shares his Limo | TigerBelly 127”, which has been viewed more than 580,000 times.

Khalyla Kuhn Net Worth timeline

According to online sources Khalyla Kuhn is said to have a net worth of approximately half a million dollars.

Khalyla Kuhn Net Worth in 2021

Since her podcast continues to go strong, it is only expected that her net worth for 2021 will only increase.

How successful is Khalyla Kuhn?

Khalyla Kuhn is often described as a the co-host of the sow TigerBelly along with her hubby.

Khalyla Kuhn,Bobby Lee wife,Bobby Lee net worth

Lee hosts the podcast which often focuses on issues affecting Asian-Americans; the couple certainly knows what they are talking about as they get it pretty accurate since they both have Asian roots.
While her man has a wide background in comedy, Khalyla Kuhn seems to be perfect complement for their successful podcast.

Khalyla Kuhn merch

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What does Khalyla Kuhn do now?

Khalyla Kuhn who keeps pretty active on her media platforms, currently continues to host her successful podcast. You can check her out on YouTube or follow her on IG here.

Bobby Lee bio

Bobby Lee was born Robert Young Lee Jr. on September 18, 1971. He graduated from Poway High School.

The California native who is of Asian descent, was born to parents Jeanie and Robert Lee. His parents are Korean and owned a clothing retail company.

Bobby was raised in California along with a younger brother, Steve Lee -who is a musician.

Bobby Lee personal life

Bobby Lee has been open about his personal struggles. The stand-up comedian became addicted to marijuana and methamphetamines’ when he was a teen. He also experimented with LSD and Vicodin.

By age 17 and after three rehab stints, the then emerging comedian finally managed to clean up and put an end to his drug abuse.
Lee who has described himself as a recovery alcoholic, relapsed during his time at MADtv and revealed he seeked help only after the show’s producer fired him for the second time.
That said, Lee revealed on his podcast back 2019 that he once again relapsed following his father’s death that year. At the time of his revelation during episode 224 of Tiger Belly, he was 11 days sober.

Khalyla Kuhn,Bobby Lee wife,Bobby Lee net worth

He actually went onto credit wife Khalyla Kuhn for helping him during his dark times. He wrote on IG

“2019 was a dark year with glimpses of light. My main squeeze @khalamityk helped me get through the awful times and I love her so much. I miss my dad. I have a good feeling about 2020! May Korean Jesus bless you all!”

Bobby Lee age, height and weight

Bobby Lee is currently 49-year-old, he will turn 50 later this year. He stands at 5′ 4½” (1.64 m). Lee weights approximately 66 Kg or around 138 lbs.

Bobby Lee wife?

Bobby Lee and wife Khalyla Kuhn have been husband and wife for several years. The two began dating around 2012 and tied the knot in 2016.

Khalyla Kuhn,Bobby Lee wife,Bobby Lee net worth

The two actually met on the dating app Tinder and dated for four years prior to their marriage.

They are not only a couple but as previously stated, they collaborate professionally on their joint podcast.

Is Bobby Lee married to Khalyla?

Though the answer is pretty obvious, it is safe to say there has been speculation about the couple’s union.

Users have signaled Khalyla as being a gold digger who is only with Lee for his fame and fortune. This may be due to the fact that Khalyla is not shy about showing off her luxurious lifestyle.
Back in 2018, she jokingly said that she couldn’t have gone into marriage with him if it wasn’t for his money. Probably not the smartest thing to say. Since then, she was regarded as a fortune hunter and gold digger.

Khalyla Kuhn,Bobby Lee wife,Bobby Lee net worth

That said, she has denied any allegations and previously stated that she has been independent since she was very young. She took to social media to state that she has enjoyed a comfortable life even before she met Lee and it was just a joke.

Khalyla Kuhn also faced speculation about texts she exchanged with Brendan Schaub. However, the couple later explained the issue was never a cheating scandal as it was initially perceived.

Where does Bobby Lee live?

Bobby Lee and wife, Khalyla are currently based in Los Angeles.

Bobby Lee career

Story goes that Lee moved out from home at age 18 and took a number of odd jobs to gain a living.
Lee who dropped out of Palomar college worked at a coffee shop back in the early 90’s. When the shop closed he seeked an opening at the shop next door, which turned out to be the San Diego Comedy store.

He began doing amateur comedy at the Comedy Store in San Diego and was later offered to open for comedians, Pauly Shore and Carlos Mencia.

Khalyla Kuhn,Bobby Lee wife,Bobby Lee net worth

Lee first achieved notoriety for being a cast member on MADtv from 2001 to 2009, becoming the show’s first and only Asian cast member.

In his early career he appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. He is also known for his roles in the films Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004), Pineapple Express (2008), and The Dictator (2012). He had a starring role in NBC’s Animal Practice (2012).
In 2016, Lee and then girlfriend, Khalyla Kuhn, started a weekly podcast titled Tigerbelly, which currently has over half a million subscribers on YouTube.

How successful is Bobby Lee?

The Korean comedian is best known for his memorable sketches on the comedy show, MadTV. The show consists of sketches, musical performances and pokes fun at politics, pop culture and famous TV series.

Bobby spent nearly a decade on MADtv, during his eight year run, he played memorable characters including North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un and late senator, John McCain.
In addition to acting, he often performs stand-up comedy and let’s not forget his popular podcast. So yeah, he is pretty successful.

Bobby Lee awards and achievements

-In 2001 Bobby Lee made his TV debut in the series, MADtv. He remained part of the cast until the series was cancelled in 2009.

-He made a brief seven years later when MADtv was revived on The CW in 2016.

Khalyla Kuhn,Bobby Lee wife,Bobby Lee net worth

-Since then he has taken part in numerous films such as Harold & Kumar Go to the White Castle, Curb your Enthusiasm, Pineapple Express, The Dictator, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Splitting up Together.

-He has also made music video appearances for artists like Eminem

-Presently, the comedian collaborates with wife and partner, Khalyla on their podcast.

Bobby Lee Net Worth timeline

The actor, screenwriter, comedian and voice actor has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Bobby Lee Net Worth in 2021

As the comedian continues to grow in fame and wealth, we can only expect his net worth in 2021 to increase.

Bobby Lee merch

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What does Bobby Lee do now?

Currently, Bobby Lee is staying busy with his podcast, TigerBelly and being happily married to podcast host wife, Khalyla Kuhn.

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