Brighton Thompson-Duck Dynasty’s Reed Robertson’s Girlfriend


Meet pretty Miss Brighton Thompson, she is the girlfriend of Reality T.V. star Reed Robertson. Her boyfriend who is a member of the A&E T.V. series Duck Dynasty is the eldest son of Jase and Missy; he attended Ouchita Christian School, and plays football and baseball.

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Brighton’s hunky boyfriend has recently made some jaw dropping revelations. The 18-year-old member of Duck Dynasty‘s Robertson family reveals in a shocking new interview, he’s struggled to adapt to the family’s new fame – and even contemplated suicide! reports

“A couple years ago … I guess I just got really caught up in thinking that I was better than everyone else because of who my family was,” Reed confesses in a new video interview “… I mean, really, 12 million people watch us every year. Every week actually! I guess that’s part of the pressure that’s on me.”

“I started getting really cynical and looking down on other people,” he admits. “And before I knew it, no one was there. Nobody. It eventually led to thoughts of suicide …”

“I had finally hit rock bottom,” when former friends stopped inviting him to hang out.

Maybe Brighton was the one to turn him around? They have been hanging out since his senior high school year.


They seem to be just the perfect match, the cheerleader and the football player fairy tale. Brighton’s boyfriend knew from an early age what growing up a Robertson male was all about: surrounding himself with family and all things duck. Although a much different lifestyle than most kids his age, he has come to appreciate the uniqueness of his family’s heritage and is leading his siblings and cousins to follow in the Robertson lifestyle of God, family and ducks. Could Brighton be interested in the business too??

The pretty gal has over 3,000 followers on twitter compared to her popular boyfriend’s 163,375!

Her twitter reads

Blessed by my Savior in many ways. Everyday I will rejoice in the Lord. Romans12:2

On her tumblr, the senior makes sure to let people know she is Reed’s girlfriend and fiercely defends her love ones, she writes

The name is Brighton,Im taken. I love all of my family and friends. Id do anything in this world for them. Before you judge me get to know me first. This account is strictly for roleplay purposes only. Enjoy my blog<3(:

Lovely couple!

You can fin Brighton on pinterest here, Facebook here and twitter here.

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