Catherine Ritchson- Hunger Games Actor Alan Ritchson’s Wife

Catherine Ritchson is Alan Ritchson’s wife. This lucky girl has been married to her model, turned musician, turned actor husband, since May of 2006.

Besides being a wife and mother, she is a financial analyst and has worked at International Creative Management (ICM). She worked before that at Comedy Central, Florida and at the University of Florida. She graduated from the same University of Florida in 2006 after four years of study, earning a bachelor degree in science, finance and Russian.

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She and Alan have an adorable baby boy named Air (that’s right, Air) and as we could see from the pictures of the premier of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, she is expecting baby number two.

Alan is certainly an up and coming star in Hollywood, he’s done well on the small screen, and is expected to do even more on the silver screen. Besides the role in Hunger Games, he obtained the part of Raphael in Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles. That movie will open in summer of next year.

Catherine loves to tweet, and the two people she tweets the most to are her husband Alan and Denise Richards. She and Alan are looking pretty solid and down to earth as a couple. Hopefully fame and fortune will not change all that.


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