Evan Haines – Real Bling Ring Alexis Neiers’ Husband


Meet Evan Haines, he is a Canadian Business man who is married to reality actress Alexis Neiers. The former Pretty Wild star, also made a name for herself as part of the infamous “Bling Ring,”

Her hubby, Evan, was born October 21, 1974. The couple started dating back in December 2010, they met while at AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). At first he just observed her during the sessions and kept the distance but his interest for the beautiful Alexis made him ask her out. He tried for a whole month before she finally accepted to go on a date with him.

Evan had been six years sober when they tied the knot in Mexico back in April 2012; a year later, Haines became a daddy when on April 24, 2013, Neiers gave birth to their first child, a girl, named Harper Elisabeth Haines.

Evan’s wife had a tormented past before they came together; we all got to know her when she worked with her mother on E!’s reality series “Pretty Wild.” After the show aired controversy came into the young actress’s life when pictures of her and co-star Tess Taylor were released on the website called www.thedirty.com. But that was not the only controversy in her life; On May 10th, 2010, she was charged with burglary at Orlando Bloom’s home. She was also addicted to marijuana, heroin, alcohol and xanax.

After she completed her treatment at SOBA Recovery center, she has not only cleaned up but became interested in being an alcohol and drug counselor.

Part of her positive outcome in life is meeting her now hubby; she remembers

When I first came into the room, I was such a mess and I remember him staring at me from across the way. He kept his distance. He asked me out for a month before I finally said yes.

On their first date the couple went out for dinner and then sat on the beach for hours talking about life, their goals and dreams. Even when Haines is 17 years her senior they came to understand each other through their personal struggles. They both love service work. It is one of their biggest passions and it balances both very nicely, according to young mama and wife Neiers.




Her mother Andrea, has said about Evan

“Evan is an amazing father, I’m so grateful for my daughter and for Harper

Evan’s wife has expressed how happy she is with her new life as a married woman and mother, the couple live in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles.

Unfortunately we did not find a twitter account for Evan but you can find Alexis’s here.

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