Galen Pehrson- Hunger Games Jena Malone’s boyfriend

We are sure you can’t wait to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire and 28-year-old actress Jena Malone landed the coveted role of Johanna Mason in the Hunger Games sequel and we can’t wait to see the end result of her had work! But have you checked out her latest hunk??

The actress was spotted kissing artist Galen Pehrson during the 2012 Emmys ceremony, according to Life & Style. The mag, reported at the time

“She was kissing him throughout the show,” the guest adds. “They were holding hands and she put her head on his shoulder a few times. She kept smiling and touching his face — she was so into him.”

The couple has been smitten with each other for over a year now and seem to be going strong. Although she was seem going solo at the Los Angeles premiere of her latest film that didn’t stop her from looking like a goddess.

The two seem to be mixing business with pleasure. In May of last year, Jena, 28, lent her voice to one of Galen’s animated short projects, El Gato. Galen has since tweeted multiple pictures of her on his account. Pehrson’s El Gato is a collection of hand-drawn, animated vignettes, blooming from the erotic and dark undertones in Ray’s Rebel Without a Cause, and voiced by James Franco, Jena Malone, and Devendra Banhart.


Galen was featured on Moca’s new REBEL exhibition from May 15–June 23, 2012. He was presented by The Masses as new artist Galen Pehrson, last year. Pehrson was born 28 December 1979, he is a film, commercial, and music video director noted for his creative visual approach and manipulation of hallucinatory Illusions. So if you find some of the couple’s pictures somewhat “odd” looking is just Galen’s talent on display!

On his twitter feed he writes

Ball hard on your wisdom seeking journey




During an interview with IMVDb, he was asked

So, you’re not interested in getting into the whole game of writing treatments and submitting them to artists and stuff, you’re more trying to create artistic pieces, collaborative pieces with an artist?

Right. I did music videos in 2003 to 2005 and it was a horrible experience for me. The work came out terrible. I did videos for Adam Green and then for Devendra Banhart, but there was so much with what the musician wanted, what the label wanted. At that time, it was before everything was dictated more by YouTube and the Internet. It was just a horrible experience and I wasn’t happy with the work. I’m done with that. Now, I feel like I’m allowed to be more collaborative and they’re short films. Both of them have followings on them, but they’re short films.

Some of his other work includes another hand-drawn video called “True Vulture,”made in collaboration with the band Death Grips, and also serves as a promotional music video for the band’s new album No Love Deep Web. Watch the video below and find his website here.

Find Galen on twitter as @CagedPillow here and see more of his pictures and art here.

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