Hudson Sheaffer Sasha Pieterse’s Boyfriend

Hudson Sheaffer

Hudson Sheaffer is the longtime boyfriend of gorgeous actress and singer, Sasha Pieterse. His gal, known for her role as Alison DiLaurentis in the series Pretty Little Liars –has been casted in season 25 of DWTS.

That can only mean we’ll be watching a lot more of supportive boyfriend, Hudson Sheaffer in days to come.

Born in South Africa on February 17, 1996; Sasha is the daughter of entertainer parents, Sean and Zizi Pieterse. She arrived in the U.S in 2001 and lived in Las Vegas before moving to Los Angeles. Both her mother and father formed a professional acrobatic dance team who performed internationally.

The pretty blonde landed a supporting role in the 2011 Disney Channel film Geek Charming. She also starred in the teen comedy film G.B.F. and most recently was casted as one of the main characters in the Netflix Original, Coin Heist.

As a model she was was featured on a national billboard for Supercuts, and modeled in the Macy’s Passport Fashion Show. She was featured on the cover of BELLO magazine “Young Hollywood”, December 2014 issue and also landed the cover of the 2015 issue of TeenProm magazine.

Sasha who is also a singer, has released 4 country singles, according to a website.


Though the model, actress and singer is only 21, Sasha is ready to get married. She and Hudson Sheaffer have been engaged since 2015. Prior to her relationship with Sheaffer she was romantically linked to actor, Cayden Boyd.

Hudson Sheaffer

Hudson Sheaffer was born September 4, 1989; that makes him Sasha’s senior by seven-years. The two dated for about three years before becoming engaged at the end of 2015. He is also pretty active on Instagram and often posts about his stunning girlfriend and their two dogs, Lady and Levi.

The tall fella is also in the entertainment industry. Though he isn’t as famous as girlfriend Sasha he’s done some work on and off the screen. According to his IMDb page, he’s got a couple of acting credits, as well as a stunt credit and a stint in the art department.

But according to his social media, writing is what Hudson Sheaffer is all about. He calls himself a ‘creative collaborator.’

You can check out more of Hudson Sheaffer on his Instagram here.

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