Susan Pinsky- Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Wife

Susan Sailer and Drew Pinsky were married on July 20, 1991. Almost a year and a half later,on November 10,1992, Susan gave birth to triplets: two beautiful boys, Douglas and Jordan, and a darling baby girl, Paulina. Susan was thirty-something then, and had a hard time of it, although the three babies were born perfectly healthy.

Susan had many health problems, having been bed-ridden for three months prior to delivery. Once they got home, after the delivery, they soon realized they would need professional help to make sure their babies were healthy.  It was very difficult to raise them, but worth the sacrifice as Douglas, Jordan and Paulina are now 21 years old and ready for life on their own. As she herself says, “my kids are doing great, they are substantial human beings.” She says that without the love and support of her husband Dr. Drew, it would have been an uphill battle.

Dr. Drew and Susan met at a bar in Laguna Beach, California. At the time, she had a boyfriend and turned Drew down. He told her if she ever broke up with her boyfriend to give him a call.  After Drew started working on Loveline at KROQ, Susan started working at the same station as a producer of bikini fashion show. Drew got up the courage to ask again and this time she said yes! They’ve been together since then.

In September of 2013, Pinsky admitted to recovering from prostate cancer surgery performed earlier that year. The diagnosis and operation were performed in June and July, and Pinsky says he has had a full recovery and did not require chemotherapy or radiation. Drew credits his wife for saving him from serious problems down the road, as it was she who insisted that he get a thorough check-up after an illness. She gave sound counsel, and pushed him to go see a doctor.

Dr. Drew and Susan are enjoying life to its fullest, thanks to timely physical exams and surgery that have given him a new chance at life.

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