Who is Survivor Entrepreneur Neal Gottlie’s Girlfriend/ Boyfriend?

Meet ice cream businessman and current Survivor Kaoh Rong contestant, Neal Gottlieb.

The 38-year-old Sausalito, Calif. native, is a self made success story, he is the man behind “Three Twins Ice Cream.” Neal reveals on his CBS bio, that he started the company with his life’s savings of $70,000 in 2005 at age 28 after returning from the Peace Corps.

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At the time, he couldn’t afford employees, so he did everything himself at first. He opened another shop, then another and then built a factory in 2010 to start selling pints to grocery stores, and have since opened a second factory. The idea of naming it Three Twins Ice Cream came from the fact that, Neal himself has a twin brother Carl. Neal and Carl teamed up with Carl’s wife, Liz –who also happens to be a twin and there you have it, three twins.

Neal really took head on his idea and made it a reality, skills he believes will help him become the next Survivor winner. It is always interesting so see if someone with business savvy will be able to translate their success to the show. Now a days, Three Twins are sold in grocery stores in all 50 states. When Neal is not running his company, he likes to travel and enjoys indoor rock climbing and one-upmanship.

He was born Henry Gottlieb on February 3, 1977 to Ann and Samuel Gottlieb, 78. Neal attended Cornell University in 19999 with a BS in Consumer Economics and Housing. Following his graduation, he landed a job at Gap, Inc as company planning manager, job he left in 2002.


As it might be a little obvious, Neal is not really interested in winning Survivor for the money; instead he says he is more interested on the metaphorical crown, bragging rights and satisfaction that comes with winning.

It is only natural that we want to know more about, Neal, so, when we ask who his girlfriend or boyfriend might be, is because we are not sure what his preferences are. This actually brings us to another fact, it is not the first time Neal Gottlieb makes news. Back in 2014, the Brains tribe member, went through some real efforts to make a statement in support of Uganda’s embattled lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. He planted a gay pride flag on Uganda’s Margherita peak and challenged Uganda’s president to remove it in an open letter he posted to Facebook.

So you see our predicament here? Of course there is also the possibility that, he could be a straight rights activist but, since no girlfriend seems to claim the title on his social media accounts, you just have to wonder, right! He does have a few pictures with women but no one he actually recognizes as his girl.

Any thoughts?

You can find Neal on Twitter here.

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