Builder of the Stars Ben Krupinski- Marta Stewart’s Affair?


66-year-old renowned general contractor Ben Krupinski is being accused of having an affair with domestic diva Martha Stewart! Krupinski has been appointed to be the “builder of the stars” for having crafted the Hamptons homes of Martha Stewart and Billy Joel and business moguls Steve Cohen and Leon Black are also among his clients.

Mr. Krupinski has been married for over forty years with wife Bonnie and his alleged affair has come to light thanks to his own daughter!


47-year-old former Wilhelmina model Laura Krupinski is accusing her father of having an affair with the business magnate Stewart and having kept it for years to herself! Laura reveals:

“I had a difficult relationship with my parents for years; I had breast cancer three years ago and my father didn’t call or come to the hospital. I saw my father and Martha together on the beach one morning in Palm Beach a few years ago. It was obvious something was going on.

She recently opened up to her mother and told her what she had seen. As consequence both of her father and mother have turn against her! She was cut off from her $26,000-a-month allowance and kicked out of a family-owned mansion in Bedford.

Her family’s side of the story is that Laura needs help overcome some personal issues and “They hope that she can get some help to subdue her demons.” According to Ben’s attorney. Behind the drama of this family feud the question remains, is the ace East Hampton pilot and Contractor to the Stars cheating of his wife with 72-year-old Martha Stewart??

Ben Krupinski Builder is a full-service construction and design team that constructs luxury homes. This team includes architects and designers as well as construction contractors. Ben who was born and raised in East Hampton has been a builder and a consistent force in the local business community for over three decades. There have been many articles about him, the New York Times wrote many years ago about him and described him as the “Stars’ high flying contractor” his estimated net worth is of $150 million.

So what do we have here,  a spoiled daughter? Or true confession?

Truth is Martha is a close friend of the Krupinski family on her blog “Up close & personal” we can find pictures of her with Bonnie Krupinski. You can also see the picture below, could it be Martha got too “up and close” to her friend’s hubby?

You can find his website here.

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