Cailey Maddox- Rapper Mack Maine’s Assault Accuser

Who is Cailey Maddox? She is the person accusing rapper Mack Maine of sexual battery assault along with her friend Rachel Reed, and says she was punched in the face by him.

Callie Maddox is a cashier at Maddox’s Northside. She Studied at Southwestern Oklahoma State University and is currently living at Weatherford, Oklahoma. She’s originally from Sentinel, Oklahoma.

Her friend, Rachel Reed who studied nursing at BSN Nursing at the University of Central Oklahoma, is currently a nurse at Ou Medical Center ICU and lives in Edmund, Oklahoma, is also accusing Maine.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, officials believe the 31-year-old rapper invited Rachel Reed and Cailey Maddox onto a tour bus on August 22, 2013 … and while on the bus, “put his hand down Rachel’s dress and grabbed her right breast” without her consent. – The documents go on to say, “Rachel got upset and when she and Cailey tried to leave the bus, [Mack Maine] held the door shut. Once the door was opened, Cailey was walking down the steps but turned and looked back to call for Rachel and [Mack] punched her in the face, breaking her jaw and knocking her down.”


Wow, this looks bad. What kind of guy punches a girl so hard in the face that he breaks her jaw? Although we don’t know both sides of the story, things are not looking too good for Maine.

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