Cindy Karlsen’s Fears- Husband Karl Karlsen Charged

Cindy Karlsen had begun to suspect her husband Karl when she learned that Karl had invested money collected from insurance money for his son’s death ($700,000.00) in a life insurance policy on her life ($1,200,000.00). She began to fear for her life, and to suspect that other deaths and accidents that had occurred in Karl’s life were not so accidental.

His first wife, Christina, died in her house in a fire, in January of 1999, in Murphys California.  The fire seemed suspicious, but no charges were made. He collected 200,000.00 in life insurance for his wife’s death. Shortly after this, he moved to Seneca County, New York with his children where he purchased a farm with this money.

After moving to New York, he married Cindy who helped him run the farm. In November of 2008, his 23 year old son, Levi, died while fixing a pick-up truck at the farm in his father’s garage. He had the truck jacked up and was working underneath it. At 8 in the evening, after returning from a family event, Karl and Cindy found him dead on the floor near the truck. His death was classified as accidental. In March, of 2012, police decided to look into Levi’s death more closely after learning that Karl had taken out a life insurance policy on his son a few days before his death, with himself as sole beneficiary. On November 24 of 2012, Seneca County District Attorney Barry Porch charge Karlsen with the 2nd degree murder of his son. Earlier that month, Cindy had begun cooperating with police in their investigation. At one point, she agreed to wear a wire and get him to confess that he had killed his son by telling him it was the only way to save their marriage. He admitted to kicking away the jack and leaving his son there. Shortly after this he was taken in to be questioned   and after hours of interrogation finally admitted he had kicked away the jack.

It is easy to understand Cindy’s fears in the light of so many profitable “accidents” happening around her husband.  Wouldn’t you have been scared too?

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