Diane Gaeta/ Diane Marshall-Green- Sons of Anarchy Johnny Lewis’ Baby Mama

Johnny Lewis, who died last September after going on a murderous rampage killing his 82 year old landlady and her cat and then jumping from the roof, may have left a daughter behind.  He did not leave a will, but according to a section of court documents, Lewis’ father listed Diane Marshall Green aka Diane Gaeta and her three year old daughter as possible beneficiaries.  We are not sure why Mr. Lewis would do this, but we’ve heard that before Johnny died, he believed that Diane’s daughter might be his, and was in the process of seeking visitation rights.

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Diane Gaeta was in an episode of “Son’s of Anarchy” which is where they probably met, but no news of their dating surfaced. He had dated Katy Perry for a year in 2005. He left the show after two years.

Not much can be found about Diane. We know she was born in Dallas, TX, raised in New York, Miami and New Jersey. She is Irish, Mexican, Italian and Croatian descent, and studied at TiSCH School of the Arts in New York City. Her full name is Diane Gaeta Marshall Green.

We have found a few references to her being married to Logan Marshall Green and even a picture, but could not establish a date for this event. Logan also studied at TiSCH so they might have met there. But in January of this year he became engaged to Marisa Tomei.

Well, we will have to wait and see if Diane’s little girl really is Johnny Lewis’ daughter. Only time and a DNA test will tell.

But wait TMZ got their claws on the birth certificate of Diane and Johhny’s little girl,

Diae Gaeta younger years Diane Gaeta Johny Lewis daughter Culla

33-year-old Diane Marshall Green was born Diane Gaeta Gurich on April 12, 1980. She gave birth to her and Johnny’s daughter CulLa May Lewis April 6, 2010 at Cedars Sinai l Medical Center  in Los Angeles.

Diane gaeta Johnny Lewis daughter birth certificate

Diane who has moved from actress to producer this year with Other’s People Children where she is also acting as Samantha Trassler; has starred in several films and television shows, Just a Girl as Persephone and as San in Trust in 2005, the following year as Dafault as who Wants to Be A Superhero?, had an uncredited role in Mission Impossible III.

In 2007, she starred as Stacy in the FP, and as Kelly McKay in the Day The Dead Weren’t Dead, she portrayed an actress along Johnny in the 2008 episode of Son of Anarchy titled AK-51.

In 2009 we saw Ms. Gaeta in infestation and as Chris in Black Hole, the next year she was in the short film You’re a Wolf and as Arlene in The Chicago 8 plus made a cameo in the new season of 90210 as Ashley .

Last year she gave life to her character as Stacy in Freeloaders and she is currently working Other People’s Children.

Diane Gaeta the name she uses as an actress is also known as Diane Marshall Green, probably because it seems that Diane is now married to the sexy Logan Marshall-Green who looks insanely like Tom Brady, the love birds got married last December, 12th.

Logan starred as Charlie Holloway in Riley Scott’s 2012 film Prometheus.

Diane Gaeta Logan Mashall Green wedding Diane Gaeta husband Logan Marshall Green

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