Brooke Barry Religion

Brooke Barry is a social media influencer best known for creating lip sync videos of pop songs on TikTok. After her big online break happened in 2018, Brooke began doing modeling work and is actively pursuing a musical career. She was born on March 30, 2001, in Jacksonville, Florida. Brooke’s zodiac sign is Aries.

Brooke Barry – What’s Her Religion

We checked Brooke’s Q&A videos and tweets and came up with a big nothing. She hasn’t talked about what her spiritual beliefs are, if her family is religious or goes to church, or if she’s not religious at all.

Brooke Barry – Her Politics

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Jacksonville, Florida, where Brooke and her family grew up, is heavily Republican. Brooke hasn’t commented on politics on her social media so we can’t say for certain what side her politics are, but based on her prior zip code it’s a fair possibility that her family favors America’s Good Ol’ Party (Republicans.)

Brooke Barry – How She Got Famous

Brooke got into making TikTok videos back when the platform was called She only became interested in the App after her cousin and her sister introduced her to the app. She ten began posting content.

After dabbling with several lip sync vids, it was her sync video of Taylor Swift’s “Moving to New York” that quickly went viral and established her online brand. That video was shot when the Barry family were on vacation in New York City. She has since gained over 3.1 million followers on the platform through her pop lip sync videos.
She is also popular on the app Foto and held the #1 spot on the app’s leaderboard during the first week the app went live.

Brooke has since ventured into making her own YouTube channel and growing her Instagram audience. She has also been a spokesperson for several makeup brands.

Brooke Barry – Her Relationships

Brooke has four siblings: Blaize (brother), Breanne (sister), Brett (brother), and Brynna (sister). Her parents names are Jason and Amy.

Brooke Barry – Trivia

Her favorite movie is The Notebook starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

Her favorite music artist is Taylor Swift.

She has a fear of water, a phobia called aquaphobia.

Brooke Barry – Career

Since going viral, Brooke has kept busy establishing her brand and in 2019 she released her debut single, “Wake Up.”
After breaking into the music industry, she continued Wake Up, with the single “Closer,” a song about social anxiety. She said about the song:
“I have personally struggled with social anxiety since I was a little girl, so I really relate to this song.”

In 2020, Brooke released her latest single “Trick or Treat.” “In the chorus, when he comes knocking at her door, she doesn’t know is she will be getting a “trick” (bad behavior from him) or a “treat” (he will pretend to be sweet again),” Brooke told Celeb Secrets about her latest song.

She wrote the song with her soon-to-be in-laws Lukas Scott and Haven. “We weren’t in a rush — we just had so many ideas flowing and none of us got a writer’s block,” Brooke said. “I think we make a pretty great team considering they will be my brother and sister soon!”

Brooke Barry -Boyfriend

Though she is only 20, Brooke Barry is a woman in love, she and her boyfriend, Cole Rivers became engaged in 2020.
The two met through his sister, who is also pursuing a career in music. They subsequently began dating. He is moderately popular on social media and has accumulated over a hundred thousand followers. They make regular appearances in each other’s content.

Cole Rivers is also a social media personality; he was born April 4, 2001 in Tennessee. Rivers has a brother named Luke and a sister named Kelsey, also known as Haven. He changed his name from Cole Klingensmith to Rivers Taylor in 2019.

The social media influencer and Instagram model who is known for posting selfies, fashion, and wrestling photos to his cole.klink account. He has gone on to garner more than 120,000 followers on the platform.

Brooke Barry -Social Media

Brooke Barry can be found on most common social media platforms including Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.
She is most famous on TikTok where she has over 3 million followers, while on Twitter -where you can find a link to her music -she only has over two thousand and on Instagram, 378k followers.
She is also quite popular on YouTube, she set up her self-titled YouTube account back in 2015, but did not upload her first video, titled ‘Get To Know Me!’, until June 2018. Her channel currently has over a hundred thousand subscribers.
In addition to her music, she also posts beauty vlogs, makeup tutorials, and reaction and review videos.
Her boyfriend also makes frequent appurtenances in all her social media, you can even found a video of their engagement on her channel.

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