Daisy Keech Religion

Daisy Keech is a social media influencer most famous for her followings on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, and for her fitness modeling career. In March 2020 she left the TikTok influencer group The Hype House after claiming that co-founder Thomas Petrou had cheated her out of her share of ownership of the brand and downplaying her role in the house’s founding.

Born on August 12, 1999 in a small town in northern California, Daisy’s zodiac sign is Leo. She is the daughter of father Rob, and mom, Shawna. She has a younger brother named Robbie. She posted a series of pictures of her mother Shawna to Instagram for Mother’s Day in 2020.

Daisy Keech – Her Religion

While there are sites that claim she is Christian there isn’t any evidence online that we have discovered (so far) that she is religious. Can someone disprove that? If so, you know where to reach us.

Daisy Keech – Her Relationships

Daisy has very clear, strong opinions when it comes to her love life and relationships in general. She has been quoted saying:

“I don’t really hook up with people, it’s not my thing, it’s not my style,” Daisy once answered to a fan’s question. “I’m definitely a relationship person. However, I’m very picky. I feel like it’s really rare for me to have true feelings for someone. And if I don’t have those true feelings then why would I date you, why would I waste my time?”

The stunning influencer apparently has true feelings for someone after all, that someone is Michael Yerger. The two have been together since 2020.

Michael Yerger was born July 20, 1998; the Tennessee native was raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he graduated from Bearden High School. He later moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue modeling.

Yerger keeps in great shape practicing martial arts, he is actually a skilled martial artist, having earned a black belt in taekwondo, jiu-jitsu and hapkido.

In addition to his modeling career he is well known for being a contestant on Survivor: Ghost Island.
As an underwear model he has been represented by the LA Models, Ford Models and Kult Models agencies and is also a real estate agent.

Daisy Keech – Trivia

She has one piercing which is in her right ear, and no tattoos. Daisy once considered getting a belly button tattoo but decided that her body didn’t suit that kind of piercing.

She hasn’t revealed where she was born except that it was “a small town in Northern California”.

Daisy Keech -Hype House feud

In 2020 it was reported that Keech was in a bit of a feud with the Hype House and its cofounders, Lil Huddy and Thomas Petrou.

Per her Insta bio, she and Lil Huddy cofounded the L.A. mansion where TikTok and YouTube stars create content. She was one of the oldest members of the house. But drama stirred up last year whithin the colective about who has authority over what. TikTokRoom, an account dedicated to reporting news within the TikTok community, confirmed that the Hype House account had unfollowed Daisy on Instagram.

Her lawyer, then made of public knowleged that “Daisy is establishing a new house, and it’s unclear, you know, based on ongoing trademark disputes, whether the new house will have a Hype House name or another name.”

Her next move was to cleared the air herself and in well-known influencer fashion, she did it by dropping a video to her YouTube channel -which quickly racked up the over million views. In her 22-minute video, Daisy talked about how she played a vital role in the creation of Hype House and how she put down $18K to secure the home where the collective is based—but she gets barely any credit for being a cofounder. Daisy also mentioned that she found it suspicious that she wasn’t allowed access to any of the house’s social media accounts.

In short, she took matters in her own hands and decided to leave for good.

Daisy Keech -Workout program

The social media mogul is well known for her fantastic figure and booty -which is often compared to a perfect peech and we can’t argue with that.

Her esbelt figure and lifestyle led her to come up with her own eight-week booty program called Keech Peach, which is designed for “anyone that wants to build a bigger, rounder, perkier butt.”

Daisy grew up playing soccer and she was on her high school varsity soccer team, so when people were spreading rumors that her butt was fake, she went straight to a pro and asked for confirmation on camera.

Daisy Keech -Furbaby

Daisy loves animals and is a proud dog mama, her dog, a blonde German shepherd named Harley, is as active on social media as her human. Harley Keech can be found on Instagram where she has over 30k followers.
Harley is also regularly seen in Daisy’s social media content and looks like she is a very good girl.

Daisy Keech -Social media

Daisy can be found on most social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

She is often described as an OG TikTok star and is also pretty popular on YouTube thanks to her workout videos, she has 1.56M subscribers.

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