Danny Duncan Net worth bio 2021

Danny Duncan Net Worth

Danny Duncan is a well known internet star and businessman who has been in the scene for years; today we’ll tell you about Danny Duncan net worth, talk about his career, achievements, personal life and much more.

Danny began his career making YouTube videos which have gone viral garnering million and million of views.
The entertainer has since enjoyed massive success and let’s just say Danny Duncan net worth is pretty enviable.
Want to know more? Keep reading and learn personal details about Danny Duncan; who he is dating, his success, his career, his achievements, Danny Duncan net worth and a lot more.
Important notice, this Danny Duncan is not to be confused with musician with the same name, Danny Duncan who is a drummer with the band ‘We the Kings’ and also hails from Florida.

Danny Duncan girlfriend

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Danny Duncan girlfriend and Danny Duncan net worth are two of the things users are dying to know about the internet celebrity.

When talking about his romantic life, most recent reports indicate Danny Duncan is currently a single fella.
There is no trace of anything indicating he is currently in a relationship. That said he may just want to keep things quiet for the moment and could be in the early stages of a romance with some special lady. However in 2021, he has yet to officially confirmed any girlfriends.

Danny Duncan bio

Danny Duncan was born July 27, 1992. Growing up in Englewood, Florida; Danny was an active athlete.

He started his YouTube channel a few years ago; he regularly posted short comedy videos ranging from pranking people to quizzing UCLA students about song lyrics to asking sexually suggestive questions.
His humor certainly caught major attention making his channel, DuncanStrength, highly popular.

Danny Duncan Net worth

He is also well known for his skateboarding and prank videos, which reach more than 4.9 million subscribers. A video of him trying to go downstairs on a hoverboard was his first to surpass 1 million views.
Among his most most popular videos we have, “Falling With 30,000 Pennies,” which has earned over 25 million views.
The YouTuber, comedian, prankster and skateboarder added another title when he launched his own clothing line a while back.

Danny Duncan Net Worth timeline

Here is what you must know about Danny Duncan net worth:

He worked with actor Jason Lee teaching him how to skateboard and followed his advice on building a following on social media. Duncan then made the move from Florida to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Danny Duncan Net worth

on March 6, 2014, Duncan started a YouTube channel, posting short videos about skateboarding and fixing the sport-related injuries. At the time he had been working at Walgreens following his high school graduation.

In December 2015, he posted a video “Going Down Stairs On A Hoverboard,” which was the first of his works to have reached over a million views.

In June 2016, he posted Falling With 30,000 Pennies; his most viewed video with over 25 million views. In the footage you can watch Duncan pretending to fall down while carrying a box of pennies in broad daylight.

In August 2017, he bought his sister a new car. He documented the event and titled the video Surprising My Sister With A New Car!

Also in 2017, he established his merch brand Virginity Rocks.

In 2018, he went on a countrywide, 20-city Virginity Rocks Tour, an unrehearsed hour-long performance that included little people.

In 2019, Duncan launch his line of clothing, named Virginity Rocks, in collaboration with Killer Merch.

Danny Duncan Net Worth in 2021

According to online sources Danny Duncan net worth has been estimated at approximately $5 million.
The majority of his money comes from the ads that are displayed on his YouTube channel.

How much does Danny Duncan make a month?

The professional YouTuber has monthly earnings of around $30k. Danny Duncan net worth also stems from his clothing line and other merch which are also other sources of income for Duncan.

Who did Danny Duncan date?

Despite Danny Duncan net worth, he appears to be enjoying it all by himself.

As exciting and luxurious his lifestyle sounds, Danny Duncan hasn’t been all that lucky with the ladies or at least that’s what he wants us to think.
The lives of Internet celebrities are pretty out there and most of them share nearly every aspect of their activities because well that’s what they do.

Danny Duncan Net worth

So when Danny Duncan says that he’s only had two girlfriends, well let’s just say it is hard to believe.
Other than that piece of information, he hasn’t spoken publicly about being in any relationship. He is from the select group that has chosen to keep his personal life private.

How successful is Danny Duncan?

Danny Duncan has certainly enjoyed major success in recent years. The media celebrity has tapped into the business side of things magnifying his brand.

He certainly gained fame and success through his use of YouTube. Nowadays his channel has more than five million subscribers and is his primary source of income. Working as a YouTuber has created many opportunities for him and has opened the door to success. He also expressed in the past hopes to become an actor.

Danny Duncan Net worth

Danny has his own website where he states ‘I like to make people laugh.’ He has expanded his brand into different merch available on his page. Judging by Danny Duncan net worth, one can say the 28-year-old is definitely successful.

Danny Duncan personal life

Danny Duncan was born to mom Susan; his father and mother are not living together. Danny also has a sister and a half brother, Mathew. He graduated from Lemon Bay High School in Englewood, Florida.

His mom was featured in his December 2017 video titled, “Surprising My Mom With A New House!”
Other facts about his personal life, is that Danny Duncan is good friends with fellow YouTuber Christopher Chann.

Danny Duncan Net worth

Duncan who rarely speaks about his personal life, also advocates for leading a sober life, away from drugs and alcohol. Instead, Danny Duncan enjoys wheelies on his dirt bike (sometimes indoors), crashing his car, and hoverboarding.

Danny Duncan age, height and weight

28-year-old Danny Duncan is 5 feet 10 inches tall or 1.78 meters tall. He weights approximately 125 pound the equivalent to 57Kg.

Danny Duncan merch

In addition to his massive success on YouTube, Danny also sells clothes and accessory merchandise.

Danny Duncan Net worth

His line of t-shirts, clothing and accessories features his trademark phrases and reflect his offbeat personality.

Where does Danny Duncan live?

Danny Duncan splits his time between Los Angeles and Florida, where his family still lives.

What does Danny Duncan do now?

Danny Duncan currently keeps active doing what he does best, entertaining and captivating his followers with a mix of sincerity and irony. His humor has always spread a positive message and good-natured fun.

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