Matt Stonie net worth bio 2021

Matt Stonie net worth

Matt Stonie is an internet celebrity best known for his achievements in competitive eating contests. He has become very popular in recent years and is by now a veteran of the sport.

Matt Stonie began his career when he was in his teens; he is a YouTuber and well known for having a big appetite.
The competitive eating star, has garnered millions and millions of views to his channel.
Want to know more? Keep reading and learn personal details about Matt Stonie, who is he dating, Matt Stonie success, his career, his achievements, Matt Stonie net worth and a lot more.

Matt Stonie girlfriend

Matt Stonie net worth and Matt Stonie girlfriend are two of the things users most want to know about the YouTuber.
When it comes to his personal life, Stonie pretty keeps it under wraps. After a quick glance at his social media, there’s no trace of a current special someone as he appears to be single.
In the past, he has never confirmed being in a relationship. Is it because competitive eating is not attractive?

Matt Stonie bio

Matt Stonie was born Matthew Kai Stonie on May 24, 1992; in San Jose, CA. He is the son of Cathy Stonie and Dorian Stonie. He grew up along one younger brother named, Morgan.

Matt who goes by the nickname, Megatoad; studied nutrition at California’s Mission College and is also a dietitian.

Matt Stonie net worth,Matt Stonie girlfriend

Stonie was the youngest member of Major League Eating Organization by the time of his professional debut.
He won his first competition during a lobster roll-eating contest in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. Stonie vacationed there with his family, and the competition just happened to be something he was interested in doing. Matt who at the time was looking for a free meal. turned his hobby into a successful career.
Since then, he has become a speed eating champ with numerous world records under his belt.

Though he may not be a big dude, Stonie is a serious threat for those on the Major League Eating circuit. He states that he is currently one of the best players in the game and ‘committed to being one of the greatest ever.’

Matt Stonie Net Worth timeline

In 2010, at 17-years-old he signed up for a local lobster roll eating contest in Hampton Beach, NH; and ten minutes later, he was $1000 richer.

Не сrеаtеd а сhаnnеl nаmеd Маtt Ѕtоnіе оn Аuguѕt 23, 2012, аnd роѕtеd hіѕ fіrѕt vіdео оn Аuguѕt 27 іn whісh hе drаnk оnе gаllоn оf Gаtоrаdе іn 37 ѕесоndѕ.

Matt Stonie net worth,Matt Stonie girlfriend

He snapped Joey Chestnut’s run of eight straight titles at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest by winning the competition in 2015.

Most recently in 2019, he placed fourth in Major League Eating.

In the most popular video he ever made, clocking in at nearly 80 million views, Stonie consumed more than 10,000 calories of chili cheese fries in 20 minutes.

Matt Stonie Net Worth 2021

Matt Stonie Net Worth believe it or not is somewhere between three and five million! Matt Stonie Net Worth comes mainly from winning contests and from his YouTube content, which basically revolves around the same concept, Stonnie eating and stuffing his face into food.

How much does Matt Stonie make a month?

Matt Stonie net worth,Matt Stonie girlfriend

Thanks to his unique and peculiar ability to consume vast amounts of food in little time, Stonie has been able to make quite the remarkable amount of money, which adds up to, at least, $165k a month.
He reportedly makes money in different ways, from ads embedded in his videos, product-sponsorship deals and online merchandise sales.

Matt Stonie age, height and weight

28-year-old Matt is 1.73 m tall and weights approximately, 59 kg. As you can see, he is quite petite for the amounts of foof that he is able to consume, making his prowess eve more fascinating.

What is Matt Stonie ethnicity

Stonie is of Brit and Irish ethnicity, according to online sources he is a mix of Japanese, Czech, and Lithuanian roots.

Matt Stonie girlfriend and past relationships

Matt Stonie net worth,Matt Stonie girlfriend

There’s no clear information on the romantic status of Matt Stonie. While the 28-year-old has no problem chugging food in front of millions around the world, he isn’t keen to speak about his love life and has never shared any information regarding a romantic partner or girlfriend.

Where can I find Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie is easily found in most social media platforms.

Matt Stonie Instagram

Matt Stonie often posts to his Instagram account where he has over 384k followers.

Matt Stonie Twitter

Matt Stonie is also found on Twitter where he has the least of his following at over 70k followers.

Matt Stonie YouTube

Matt who is massively popular on his YouTube channel, records himself eating food, uploads it and waits for millions to watch him eat. Is that simple. He has over 13 million subscribers and billions of views.

How successful is Matt Stonie?

With his massive following, Matt Stonie is regarded as one of the most popular speed eaters around.
Matt Stonie became very popular through his videos on YouTube as he ate an unimaginable quantity of food in very little time.

Matt Stonie net worth,Matt Stonie girlfriend

Matt’s secret to success in one word would be: preparation. He states on his page, succeeding as a competitive eater comes down to one major element, he reveals

Preparation. Self-care is a major part of the game. Those few minutes I spend on stage during a contest requires hours and hours of physical training, mental discipline, and special dieting.

Matt Stonie awards

Matt has under his belt over 20 wоrld rесоrdѕ іn соmреtіtіvе аnd ѕрееdіng еаtіng whісh іnсludе еаtіng 43 ѕlugburgеrѕ іn 10 mіnutеѕ, еаtіng а 5.5 lb bіrthdау саkе іn 9 mіnutеѕ, 85 mооn ріеѕ іn 8 mіnutеѕ, 34 рерреrоnі rоllѕ іn 10 mіnutеѕ, еtс.
Before his victory over Joey Chestnut made him a national star, he had already set at least seven records.

Matt Stonie career

Matt Stonie is a well known name in the competitive eating world. He achieved popularity and fame due to his participation in Major League Eating events, he earned the title of second-best MLE eater in the world and, as of 2015, held eight world records for competitive eating. In 2013, he ate a five-pound birthday cake in just under nine minutes; a year later, he consumed forty-three Slugburgers in ten minutes.

Matt Stonie net worth,Matt Stonie girlfriend

He participated in his first Major League Eating competition; the “Stockton Deep Fried Asparagus Championship” back in 2011. His videos were appreciated by celebrities such as Cheech & Chong and Bam Margera who shared his videos on their websites.

Despite his tremendous capacity for eating large amounts of food quickly, Stonie has been able to maintain a low-end healthy weight.

Stonie who has his own website, defends his passion for competitive eating saying that it takes serious training to be able to win challenges

Most people think as a competitive eater, I just sit around eating what I want all day. The truth is, you have to train hard and know what you’re eating.

Where does Matt Stonie live?

Stonie is a longtime California resident.

What does Matt Stonie do now?

Matt keeps active in competitive eating, though it is safe to say he doesn’t really need to compete anymore.
However, he needs to keep his eating skills sharp to face new eating challenges which he often posts to his channel.

Matt Stonie girlfriend

Unfortunately there is no record of Matt Stonie ever being in a serious and committed romantic relationship.
Which seems pretty unlikely, and which leads us to assume that he is only keeping his private life out of the spotlight. He could either be in longtime relationship for all we know, or, he could just be down-right single.

Something that make him attractive to ladies is the fact, that he is not only well-off, but he also has a big heart.
It is known that Matt often donates to charity, he is particularly aware of the importance of having a meal to eat and makes sure to collaborate with organizations that focus on feeding those in need.

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