Neal and Donna DiMarco Model Nyle DiMarco’s Parents

Meet Neal and Donna DiMarco

Neal and Donna DiMarco are the proud parents of 6’2″ male model, Nyle DiMarco. Their 27-year-old son, is best known for becoming The America’s Next Top Model champ, and the only deaf contestant to be on the show. He is currently a contestant on season 22 od Dancing with the Stars.

He graduated frоm Gallaudet University with a degree in Mathematics. DiMarco considers American Sign Language (ASL) tо bе hiѕ native language аnd iѕ аlѕо proficient in lip reading аnd nonverbal communication.

When Neal and Donna DiMarco’s son is not looking hot in fancy clothes and also without them, he can be seen playing his recurring character of Garrett Banducci in “Switched at Birth” season 4. Once you ‘made it’ in the entertaining bizz, is only natural to ask who’s got a famous person’s heart. In that sense, we are sure many girls were left disappointed when Nyle described himself as ‘sexually fluid.’ Although we are not saying he is exactly gay, we shouldn’t be surprised either if someday, he appears in a relationship with another hot male model.

As for now, he is apparently single. In a recent interview with MTV, DiMarco was asked about qualities he finds most attractive in a potential lover as someone who identifies as “sexually fluid.” He said the qualities he looks for would be “adventurous and communicative.”

When asked if is there a “lover” to speak of in his life at the moment, DiMarco replied, “Not yet. I’ve been too busy building my career. I travel a lot too! It wouldn’t be fair for the other half” We applaud him for that, since it makes a lot of sense.

Below you can read some facts about Nyl DiMarco’s mom and dad.

1. Neal and Donna DiMarco got married in 1984.

2. Neal and Donna DiMarco welcomed Nyle DiMarco on May 8, 1989 in Queens, Nеw York.

3. Neal and Donna DiMarco are also the parents of Neal and Nico –who is Nyles fraternal twin brother.

4. Neal and Donna DiMarco, as well as their three sons, are all deaf.

5. Neal and Donna DiMarco divorced when their children were still young.

6. Donna DiMarco was left to raise Nyle аnd hiѕ twо brothers.

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