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It’s true when you think about ways to spend your money, the last thing on your mind is probably something as insignificant as a pair of socks, after all, people don’t even see your socks, that is if you are wearing shoes. That said you’ll be surprised how much the rich and famous can spend on an exclusive pair of socks. Today we’ll be focusing on the most expensive socks.

We are all guilty of wearing that pair of socks with a hole in it, and most even lose them half the time and resort to replacing them regularly as they get worn out. So it goes to show socks aren’t that important for the average person. However, there are those exclusive beings that don’t mind spending even thousands if it means high fashion and comfortability. For the rich and famous a high-quality pair of socks is a must for a formal night out, or any other event.

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It may be hard to comprehend that there’s such a thing, that the tiny pieces of fabric you wrap up your feet with, could cost so much, but there are expensive sock brands out there and we will tell you about some of them and their most expensive socks.

What are the most expensive socks made of?

The most expensive socks in the world are woven from 100% Cervelt, a super-soft down fiber that is known as the “diamond of clothing fibers.” Cervelt fiber comes from the New Zealand Red Deer and is known as the world’s most exclusive fabric, as only twenty grams of fiber can be collected from each deer per year.

Cervelt is softer and lighter than cashmere and has a natural elasticity that resists wrinkles. This amazing fiber is also pill-resistant.

Furthermore, Cervelt is ideal for cold weather. It also speaks to the tendencies of manliness, as it has a natural ability to direct moisture to the outer layer of the garment and release it into the world, promoting breathability.

Harrys of London -The Cervelt Sock: $1,500

Harrys of London invites you to walk all over wearing their Cervelt socks at $1,500. British men’s shoemaker, Harry’s of London came up with these socks, which are limited edition and made from a rare and “highly unusual” fiber. Only 100 pairs are available.

The fibers used are some of the highest quality around, making your feet feel warm and light. Shop at Harrys of London.


Founded in 1798, the family-owned Gammarelli workshop is a small boutique tucked behind the Pantheon in Rome. This tailor is renowned for the quality of his socks and his attention to detail.

For six generations the Gammarelli family have faithfully worked at the old wooden counter of their roman boutique, which is always covered with the most lavish fabrics. Gammarelli specializes in tailoring ecclesiastical clothing and is the official and exclusive supplier to the papacy.

They are famous for their distinctive bright red socks, which have been worn by celebrities, presidents, kings, and the Pope himself. Shop at GAMMARELLI.

Bresciani Socks: $120

The philosophy of Bresciani 1970 is basically based on two words: quality and comfort. All of their collections are developed following those two guiding principles. It all starts with the selection of the best and exclusive raw materials available on the market.

The production is developed with “old-fashioned” methods, supported by the best and most up-to-date technology. Hundreds of different threads are transformed every season into exclusive and refined collections.

From Egyptian cotton to Australian Merino wool, from French linen to Himalayan cashmere, to the Andean vicuna, no wonder their socks are pricey. Shop at Bresciani, you can also find them online at Amazon.

Pantherella Socks: $130

Pantherella first opened its doors in 1937 and began trading as Midlands Hosiery Mills, an established women’s hosiery factory. Fast forward to 1945 and a legend was born: Pantherella Fine English Socks began trading. They are regarded as a titan within the sock industry, producing some of the world’s finest socks.

Things that make them stand out include their signature hand-linked seams, unparalleled quality, and finally the luxurious yarns that they use.

Pantherella Socks have never shied away from setting precedents. When others have turned to cheaper alternatives, Pantherella still operates at the family-owned factory in Leicester, England. Shop at Pantherella.

Falke Socks: $495

FALKE has specialized in socks since 1895. High-quality materials and perfect workmanship combined with years of know-how create first-class socks in different lengths, materials, patterns, colors, and sizes.

Whether for business, leisure, or parties, uni-colored models or ones with stripes, ringlets, or dots; Falke socks promise optimum wearing comfort.

They offer a limited edition sock for $495 -made from vicuna wool, a rare Peruvian animal known for having one of the most luxurious and warm fibers around. Shop at Falke.

Loro Piana: $200

Based in northern Italy, Loro Piana has expanded through the last two centuries and prides itself of producing some of the finest yarns, sourced from the rarest and most expensive raw materials.

Everything Loro Piana manufactures exudes luxury and quality, which is one of the reasons that most of their products cost a small fortune.

Their socks are no different, their cashmere socks can cost more than a couple hundred dollars. Shop at Loro Piana.

John Smedley Socks: $29

John Smedley’s design is a bit more conservative, they specialize in mid-calf socks, and even though their selection is not the largest, you will surely find a pair of nice classic men’s or women’s socks in colors that go with most outfits.

You can have their Omega – Classic for $29 -which are knitted from a blend of Extra Fine Merino Wool and polyamide for an extremely warm and comfortable fit.

Merino Wool is the perfect fiber for your hard-working feet due to its natural breathability and temperature regulating properties. Shop at John Smedley.

Celebrities that can certainly afford and appreciate a high-end pair of socks and have been pictured in them include Ellen DeGeneres, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, etc.

Last Thoughts on Most Expensive Socks 

Are expensive socks worthy? I think taking care of our feet is extremely important, pampering them with good socks is a necessity, but if you can’t afford any of these expensive socks, find ones that help blood flow so you won’t worry about circulatory issues, protect your feet,  are made from high-quality cotton.

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