Most Expensive Steak Cut

Calling all steak lovers, if you consider yourself a steak lover who is always looking for the best steak that money can buy, you are in the right place. A true steak lover should know his or her beef cuts in and out to be able to tell if its the real deal. Luckily for you, we’ll be focusing today on some of the most expensive steak cuts out there.

The perfect steak comes with a price tag so if you want to eat the best steak of your life, be ready to spend some money cause it’ll cost you. However, we promise you’ll quickly forget about numbers because after savoring an expensive cut, it’ll be worth every bite and you won’t look back in regret.

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It also needs to be said that prices vary according to your geographic location, the portion size, and the grade of beef selected. Knowing what a steak cut means can be very useful for people seeking to get the most value of their spending on meat. It really comes down to your personal preferences and what your wallet can afford, however you can also think about it as once in a lifetime experience, ready to know the most expensive steak cuts? Keep on reading.


Expensive Steak Cuts

Check out some of the most expensive steak cuts available in the market.

T Bone

The T-bone is a more conventional favorite, yet still pricey in upscale restaurants. The fact that this type of steak comes from the short loin section of the cow (and, thus, the most tender) makes it expensive. A good bet.

Actor Chris Pratt is known to love meat in all shapes and sizes.

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Filet Mignon: $30 per pound

Filet mignon is taken from the small end of the tenderloin (called the short loin) and is known as the “king of steaks.” It can often be cut with a fork, it’s so tender. You can find delectable filet mignon at most any upscale steakhouse, but if you prefer an at-home version there are plenty of places you can shop online. Look for the corn-fed beef – especially the filet mignon.

Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton enjoy their steak from Sam & Harry’s, Washington, D.C; known as one of the capitals’ hottest power dining spots, this classic American steakhouse serves up some of the best beef in town.

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Kobe Beef: $300 per pound

This beef comes only from Kobe, Japan; therefore, costs more the further you travel from Japan. What makes it so special? Well, it comes from Wagyu cows that have been massaged with sake-fed grain fodder and given one beer a day. This makes the beef tender, flavorful, and wonderfully marbled.

Singer Katy Perry is known to enjoy fatty foods like barbeque chicken chops, chicken salad, yellowtail sashimi, and crispy beef.

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Kansas City Strip: $20-30 per pound

Strip steaks, taken from the short loin, are particularly tender, but not as tender as the tenderloin. They can, however, but cut into thicker portions which are appealing to lovers of more rare beef.

Sometimes called New York Strip, you can find strip steaks just about everywhere!

Like their expensive cuts, big names like Rihanna, Shenae Grimes, Kim Kardashian, Sheryl Burke, Lance Bass, Lauren Conrad, Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr, Kanye West, and Nicole Richie from places like STK, Los Angeles, California.

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Bone-in Ribeye (Cote de Boeuf)

It’s the bone that gives this cut its flavor. Leave the bone in and you leave the rich flavor intact. The ribeye comes from the rib section of the cow, which gives it its hearty flavor.

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Part tenderloin and part strip steak, this hefty favorite divides the two with a bone that helps provide amazing flavor. The Porterhouse has a larger side of tenderloin than on a T-bone. Yum!

Celebrities like Paula Abdul, Scarlett Johansson, Sharon Stone, Sheryl Crow, Kate Beckinsale, Audrina Patridge, Jaime Pressly, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, and Ryan Seacrest love a good steak from spots like BOA Steakhouse, in West Hollywood, California.

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American Style Wagyu Kobe Beef: $150 to $300 per pound

This type of beef comes from a cross of Black Angus and Wagyu cows and is raised here in the U.S. They are rare (there aren’t very many of them) so they are expensive. They, too, are tender and very flavorful.

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Typically, the most expensive cuts of beef are taken from the most tender parts of the cow. These are the parts that don’t get “overworked” in the animal’s lifetime. Therefore, they’re tender. Tenderloin is an amazing example of this. This is the Filet Mignon in roast form.

In order to have a muscular body like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, you need to eat plenty of meat. Sirloin, chicken, and bison meat are on his daily menu.

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What makes this steak cut the most expensive steak cut?

There are three main reasons as to why some cuts are more pricey than others, supply and demand a pretty obvious one, as well as tenderness of the beef, and lastly, marbling of beef.

Prime cuts of beef only make for a very low percentage of the entire animal, which means these high-demand cuts all come from the same area of the animal and your local butcher will choose how to cut it, depending on what will sell best in their region.

When talking about the tenderness of beef, the most tender area of all can be found beneath the steer’s ribs and next to the backbone which is also the farthest from the horn and hoof.

The marbling of beef refers to those little white “lines” running through a steak, it is what gives beef its flavor and tenderness.

The most expensive cuts of beef will always be the ones where the beef gets more tender and that place is from the center of the steer, this section includes the loin and ribs.
Cuts from this area include Tenderloin, Ribeye Steak, T-bone and/or Porterhouse Steak, and Strip Steak.

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