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Calling all suit lovers, if you consider yourself a suit lover who is always looking for the best suit that money can buy, than you are in the right place. Luckily for you we’ll be focusing today on some of the most expensive suits out there.

Expensive suits are those obviously made by designers and tailors, that’s why these suits come with a price tag so if you are looking for these kind of suits, be ready to spend some serious money cause it’ll cost you. Expensive suits are not for everyone for obvious reasons, still is nice to dream right.

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These suits are mostly wore by a select group of people, we are talking about Arab princes, Russian oligarchs, rock stars and corporate tycoons; who certainly have the means and are willing to pay a price, sometimes jaw-dropping prices, to look the way they want to.

It really comes down to your personal preferences and what your wallet can afford, however you can also think about it as once in a lifetime experience, ready to know the most expensive suits? Keep on reading.

Most Expensive Suits Guide

Check out some of the most expensive suits available in the market.

Alexander Amosu Vanquish II Bespoke: $102,000

This suit it’s crafted from the world’s most expensive wools – vicuna and qiviut. Vicuna fleece is the symbol of ultimate luxury and produces incredibly warm and soft wool. In addition, the buttons are all 9-carat gold.

Amosu is not only a men’s clothing expert but also a luxury goods entrepreneur. They’ve created some of the most expensive men’s suits in the world.

Celebrities wearing Alexander Amosu suits include Jermaine Jackson. You can shop Alexander Amosu on his website.

Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition: $892,500

Though you may find it ridiculous, there is a suit in the word that costs nearly a million dollars, and that would be the one from famed luxury goods designer Stuart Hughes who teamed up with world-renowned tailor Richard Jewels to create this extravagant piece of art of which there are only three in the world.

These suits are made of wool, cashmere, silk. and over 480 half-carat diamonds are etched onto the exterior lining of these jackets, creating the most outlandishly expensive suit.

Shop for Stuart Hughes luxury products.

William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke: $75,000

The William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke is another luxury brand that makes expensive suits.
This Westmancott suit is a 3- or 4- piece suit instead of a 2-piece. It takes 200 hours for experts at Westmancott to tailor and design this ultra-light, expensive suit. The stitches in the suit are made of horsehair to keep their shape affirm.

“Full bespoke” means that your suit is made to your exact specifications using traditional Savile Row techniques and methods. This involves over eighty-four hours of intensive labour, as 170 parts are individually hand-cut and sewn together.
This suit was originally designed to target high-profile Middle Eastern and Russian moguls.

Brioni Vanquish II: $43,000

Italian luxury clothier Brioni -which was established in 1945 -created this suit from the super-luxurious Vanquish II fabric, a cloth produced by UK-based Dormeuil.

Vanquish II uses blends of some of the rarest fibers in the world, including qiviut, pashmina, and vicuna; and the suit’s stitching is made of white gold. Only 100 of these suits are made every year.

Celebrities and personalities wearing Brioni suits include former president Donald Trump as well as actor Daniel Craig -who usually wears them during the filming of the James Bond movies. Shop at the Brioni Store.

Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke: $22,000

Ermenegildo Zegna is behind one of the top-tier Italian fashion houses, the suits for labels such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Tom Ford, and they are one of the biggest global producers of fine fabrics.

No surprise they would also come up with expensive and exquisite pieces to satisfy the rich and powerful. This luxurious and refined bespoke was created by the fourth generation of the Zegna family. It is individually fitted and reportedly made up of over 700 fabrics.

Celebs wearing Ermenegildo Zegna suits include Mahershala Ali, Sterling K. Brown, Lakeith Stanfield, and Chris Pine. Shop at Zegna.

Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke: $47,500

Desmond Merrion one of the most renowned tailors in London, has hand-tailored suits that come in at nearly $50k.

This supreme Bespoke is costly because as Desmond explains, the time that takes him to come up with a perfectly crafted suit, can not be measured in man-hours. He spends months personally placing every single stitch in your suit by hand.

The finished suit will appear as if it has not been handcrafted but sculpted around your torso. Only the world’s leading businessmen, celebrities, and world leaders can afford this type of suit. Shop at Desmond Merrion.

Kiton K-50: $60,000

Founded in 1968 by Ciro Paone, Kiton is the quintessential example of Neapolitan tailoring. Kiton is one of Italy’s top designer brands for men’s suits. They have hundreds of tailors employed who take over 20.000 suit orders per year.

The K-50 suit was designed by world-famous tailor Enzo D’Orsi of Savile Row fame. The suit is made from merino sheep wool. The K-50 name has a double meaning: It takes Enzo 50 hours to complete each suit, in addition, he only creates 50 a year.

Celebrities known to have worn a Kiton suit to the red carpet include George Clooney. Shop at Kiton.

What makes some suits the Most Expensive Suits?

What makes a suit cost high amounts of money; it’s a combination of material, labor, skill, and perhaps a little vanity. After all, people who are willing to spend a crazy amount of money on a suit, think they are worth it. Also, these people do not see it as expensive, for them is just a lifestyle.

But is there really much difference between a $2,000 suit and one costing two, three, or four times more? To many men, a suit is a form of psychological, as well as physical, armor. It makes you look good and can also give you more confidence.

So as you can see, expensive suits are not only about the money, these also offer other types of benefits in addition to the fashion element. Another topic you might find interesting is knowing what is the most expensive sock, most expensive shampoo and why not the most expensive steak cut in the world, yes, a bit crazy, but worthy or so I was told.


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