Most Expensive Sunglasses

Most Expensive Sunglasses

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Did you know that there is actually such an extravagant and opulent thing as sunglasses that can cost more than a car! Is no joke and if you were not aware of it, you can now close your jaws and learn about some of the most expensive sunglasses that have ever been made.

As you can probably guess, this expensive eyewear is so exlcusive that can only be afford by the trich and famous. Though you could never guess the exact worth of the shades wore by your favorite celeb, you can probably imagine when they name-drop brand names such as Cartier, Dolce and Gabbana, Chopard, Bvlgari, Versace and Alexander McQueen.

We are talking about pieces that have been made with material like gold and diamonds, and are crafted with the hiegest levels of quality -which is exactly why their price is so exorbitant. Though you may never be able to afford a pair of such sunglasses, you’ll probably won’t make such a fuss next time you spend a couple of hundreds for your next pair of shades. Remember, after all sunglasses are not only a fashinable item, this accesory owned by most people, also provides health benefits such as blocking UV rays from your eyes.

A good pair of sunglasses can also be of great help with dry eyes, make you look cool or go inadvertently and even have an anti-aging effect as you usually frown a lot less when wearing sunglasses. You don’t really need to spend a lot but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have at least one good pair of sunglasses that make you feel good and look even better.
So check out some of the most expensive sunglasses designs out there.

Ultra Goliath: $25,000

Vintage Frames Company’s Ultra Goliath with over 2,000 round brilliant diamonds totalling 15 carats are set into 65 grams of gold.

Danish actress Birgit “Gitte” Lee has been pictured wearing Vintage Ultra Goliath II Sunglasses.

The Vintage Frames Company Ultra Goliath 2 “Scarlet Letter” Sunglasses are produced in the same heritage factory, using the same molds, and original quality acetate Ultra has been known for since 1977. The uniquely produced red acetate was produced specifically for these Ultra Goliath 2 Sunglasses. The “Scarlet Letter” collection Ultra Goliath 2 has been produced in a limited quantity of 50 frames only available online through Vintage Frames online shop.

Bulgari Flora Sunglasses: $59,000

This Italian fashion and luxury brand from Rome is maybe most known for its extrovert style and audacious use of jewelry. Elizabeth Tylor was maybe Bulgari’s biggest admirer, famously saying, “Big girls need big diamonds”. As her husband Richard Burton said, “The only word Elizabeth knows in Italian is Bulgari”

Later, Bvlgari rose to become an international fashion brand with a bit presence in eyewear. Bvlgari sunglasses have the same touch of glam as the jewelry. The gemstones of diamonds and sapphires on Flora sunglasses, make this sunnies cost a small fortune of 59k.

Their 2021 eyewear collection is inspired by the unstoppable metamorphoses of the snake, it represents the latest evolution of Bulgari’s icon of strength and seduction. Shop at Bulgari.

Dolce & Gabbana: 383,000

The DG2027B sunglasses come in a stylish Gold, paired with fantastic Brown lenses to elevate your look to another level. The frame is made of Metal , while the lenses are made of durable and high-grade Polycarbonate. The DG logo is engraved in diamonds.

The Italian luxury fashion house was founded by the iconic duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985. The hugely sucessful brand is a favorite of many celebrities who look to combine Meditarranean style with classic modernity.

Celebs who love their dose of Dolce & Gabbana shades include, Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria just to name a few. Find the right pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses for you on their website.

Cartier Panthere Glasses: $159,000

Cartier sunnies are a reflection of Cartier elegance, relayed through the most personal of accessories. Their Santos De Cartier collection is a contemporary design that pays tribute to aviator Santos-Dumont. Adorned by the Maison’s signature screws at the temples, this eyewear model borrows its codes from the iconic Santos watch.

But their Panthere series which was named after their decorative panther additions is a special edition meant for the big spenders. This unique pair is made of 18k white gold over 500 hundred diamonds and blue sapphires.

Celebrities seen wearing Cartier sunnies include, Adam Sandler -who wore Cartier Cartier C Décor Rimless eyeglasses in the 2019 movie Uncut Gems. Others include Drake, Laurence Fishburn and Michael Douglas. Find your favorite pair of Cartier sunglasses.

Chopard Sunglasses: $400,000

Swiss Jewelry house Chopard is behind this masterpicece which was showcased in Dubai in 2012. A highlight of its design is the special technique used to set the diamonds more closely together.

The Chopard collections celebrates the luxury of Swiss high jewelry and Made-in-Italy design excellence. Meticulous attention to the hand-crafted details, combined with cutting-edge technologies. They give life to amazing sunglasses utilizing refined, modern materials achieving an elegant design and unparalleled quality.

Chopard glasses have been sported by a number of celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Jones, and Elton John. Shop Chopard sunglasses.

Shiels Emerald Sunglasses: $200,000

The creators of this amazing sunglasses hail from Australia and they revealed that it actually took them five years to source the unique emerald lenses and three months to polish and cut them. They are made from hollowed-out emeralds and set in 18K gold and diamond frame.

This design takes its inspirations after Roman emperor Nero who viewed gladiator fights though green gemstones.

International superstars and celebrities expressed interest in buying this item when it was put up for sale in 2011. Shop at Shiels.

CliC Gold Sunglasses: $75,000

CliC Gold, has been in the eyewear business for over 35 years.
In 2012, he teamed up with Hugh Power, internationally renowned jewelry designer, to create the CliC Gold 18 Carat Gold Sports Sunglasses. For this collection, CliC went as far as to having a patented magnetic front connection system on the bridge.

The lenses go through a unique grind process using the Carl Zeiss Super ET Anti-Reflective coating on the back.

Some of the famous celebrities who have been photographed wearing the Clic Eyewear include Wolfgang Puck, Samuel L. Jackson, Helen Mirren, Barbra Streisand. Shop at Clic.

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