Cliff Donenfeld- Victoria’s Secret CEO Sharen Jester Turney’s Affair/ Lover

According to the New York Post’s gossip section, Sharon Jester Turney, 56, and Cliff Donenfeld, 50, had a two year affair. Cliff told Page Six that they had met at a private party in 2008. The next night they went out for dinner and eventually began their affair. Sharon was married at the time. Donenfeld, a luxury real estate broker in Naples, Florida, states “I was instrumental in every aspect of her life for two years. I was her sounding board, personally and professionally.”

Soon after the affair began, Sharon told Cliff that if he gave up seeing other women they could see each every two weeks. He  broke up with his girlfriend and they started to see each other all across the country. All this according to declarations made by Cliff.

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He says that Sharon told him she was planning to leave her husband and they even spoke of adopting a child. She promised him a luxury home in Naples Florida where she socialized as Cliff’s girlfriend. During this time her husband never had a clue.

Then, in 2010, things began to cool off, but they remained friends-until a few weeks ago when Donenfeld asked Sharon for a reference to make a leap into the fashion world. Sharon said no and Cliff felt deeply hurt and that he never got the credit he deserved.

Cliff is planning a tell all book titled “Side Guys”. It should make for interesting reading.

Cliff Donenfeld  attended at  the University of Bristol and got a BS in 1983 from Hartwick College, he was a realtor at Prudential Real State before he joined the  staff at Premier Sotheby’s International Realty in 2011 and Rayal Shell Real State  in 2013.

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