Jordan Feldstein- Francesca Eastwood’s Soon to be Ex Hubby

So, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Not always.

Last week, Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint Eastwood married Jordan Feldstein, brother of actor Jonah Hill, in a quickie wedding in a Las Vegas wedding chapel, called the Simple Wedding Chapel allegedly in front of an Elvis impersonator! It’s not known if this couple, and I use the term loosely, had been previously dating. She exchanged instagrams with Jeff Beacher which led some to believe that THEY were getting married!

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The couple received a marriage license from Clark County, Nev., on Nov. 17, and wed that same weekend. Some sources are saying that this was the result of a wild weekend with too much liquor involved, although Francesca insists that she doesn’t drink. Others are saying it was just a “goof off”. But what both parties are now saying is that it was a big mistake, and are in the process of getting the marriage annulled.

Jordan, who is 35 is Jonah Hill’s big brother (Jonah’s real name is Jonah Hill Feldstein). He is also music manager for Adan Levine, Maroon Five and Robin Thicke, among others. He is the founder of Career Artists Management. He has kept a low profile since the marriage was revealed last week, not even opening his front door to his wife as she stopped by presumably to talk about getting an annulment.

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